The Inner Smile: Smile into Your Body and Your Life

“When you smile, your organs release a honey-like secretion which nourishes the whole body. When you are angry, fearful or under stress, they produce a poisonous secretion which blocks up the energy channels”. Inner smile is a Taoist practice, in which we smile inwardly to each of the major organs of our body and activating within us the energy of loving-kindness.

Born and raised in a Taoist family in Taiwan, for some reasons I’ve never heard about this concept of “inner smile”, until read about it in Paul McKenna’s book “Change Your Life in 7 Days”. The first time I did the exercise, it came full circle for me. It reminded me of my grandma’s smiles (coincidentally she practiced Taoism religiously for most of her life). I was overwhelmed with the positive energy and gratitude created by the inner smile.

Thanks Paul, Thanks Grandma, for reminding me to love myself and taking a good care of my body.

Inner Smile.pdf

Julia Chung, Ph.D.

1 thought on “The Inner Smile: Smile into Your Body and Your Life

  1. That’s a very good piece of advice. I talk about Paul McKenna in my blog too, but I didn’t know that there was a link between the techniques he teaches and taoism. That’s very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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