Value Based Motivation: Strengthening Your Core Values

What’s important to you? Love, Loyalty, Creativity, Adventure, Health, Family, Learning, Courage?

How do you strengthen them and design your life around what’s important to you? The “values audit” process uses verbal prompts and key words to define and establish key beliefs related to what’s important and desirable to you, to affirm your commitment, to ignite your motivation, and to propel you into action.

This exercise was created by Robert Dilts (“Sleight of Mouth”). It helps you to define elements of a pathway for expressing your values, provides motivation, and even addresses possible objections. Because the group of statements identify a multiplicity of reasons (or causes) and puts them into words, it becomes a powerful source of positive affirmations. It provides an overall explanation justifying commitment to the value. It also provides a rich source of ideas for addressing doubts.

Value-Based Motivation.pdf

Julia Chung, Ph.D.

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