Clean Sweep 100: Housekeeping of Your Life

I love prompts and checklists. I don’t like to make them myself, while I appreciate very much having a system to leave no stones unturned.

Clean Sweep is one of these checklists, to investigate what’s consuming your natural energy in different areas of your life and clear them up, such as environment, health, emotional balance, money and relationships.

As you are going through the list, check the box only when it’s virtually always true to you. Some items may not apply to you, e.g. “my car is in excellent condition” (I don’t have a car!), then check the box. Some items you may not agree they have anything to do with your energy, e.g. “my bed is made daily”. How about experimenting with it and see if that makes a difference to  your energy?

You may want to pick 2-3 items on the list and take care of them. I just went through the list myself one more time today, and what caught my eyes was “I have told my parents, in the last 3 months, that I love them.” I guess I am calling home tonight.


Julia Chung, Ph.D.

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